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Garden Sprinkles | Hummingbird

Garden Sprinkles | Hummingbird

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Our version of a seed packet, but in a reusable tin made from recycled US steel.

The Hummingbird mix contains 17 varieties of sweet nectar producing wildflowers in many different shapes and sizes. Lovely shades of pinks, reds and purples that naturally provide nectar to attract hummingbirds to your garden.

Includes: 17 varieties of seed, reusable recycled US steel tin, directions.

Tin 2" diam. ( zones. 3–9 )

Flowers: (1) Rocket Larkspur, (2) Perennial Lupine, (3) Arroyo Lupine, (4) Four O’Clock, (5) Rocky Mountain Penstemon, (6) Tall Spurred Snapdragon, (7) Gayfeather, (8) Annual Red Phlox, (9) Sweet William Pinks, (10) Lemon Mint, (11) Scarlet Sage, (12) Foxglove.

About seed: - Non-GMO - Open pollinated - Tested regularly

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